Vertical farming made accessible, beautiful, and simple.

Available for pre-order

Estimated at the end of 2024

1.999 + iva

Discounts available after 5 units

Technical specifications

Maximum external dimension




59 cm

47 cm

40 cm

Energy Consumption

Maximum consumption

Daily energy consumption (16h/day)


Type of plug

Cable length

140 W

0,7 kWh

220 V-AC


150 cm

Cultivation Specifications

Cultivation area

Water tank capacity

Average water autonomy

Direct water supply compatible

Optional base support

1500 cm2

9 l

20 – 30 days



Wi-Fi LTE modem wireless router 2.4 GHz

Optional SIM card 3G-4G


Option for built-in

Custom colors available


Small-scale farm


Up to 3 units

Custom colors available

Seed, grow, Feast, repeat.

Our easy to use app lets you control your cultivation anywhere, and provides detailed instructions for plant care, recipes, fun facts, and more.

Fully automatic.

Perfect plants, every time. CultEvo is a smart garden equipped with advanced sensors that adapt to the unique needs of over 50 different plant species, all while minimizing water and energy consumption.

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