We unite communities through the experience of growing their own food and the desire to make the world more sustainable.

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CultEvo’s office hydroponics enhances the work atmosphere with greenery, reflecting a commitment to environmental sustainability and promoting a healthy, stress-reducing environment. This initiative offers employees fresh food options, boosting nutrition, morale, and productivity. It also fosters community and teamwork through shared plant care, improving the overall office environment and air quality.

In offices, CultEvo brings a touch of green and Italian design to the workspace, creating a more relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. It represents a tangible commitment to environmental sustainability, reducing the impact associated with food production and transportation, promoting an eco-friendly and responsible mindset. 

CultEvo’s cultivation system allows for a variety of plants, such as herbs and vegetables, to be grown directly in the offices, providing access to fresh and high-quality ingredients for employee meals or to take home at the end of the day. This fosters a corporate culture centered around health and well-being, encouraging healthier food choices and overall improvement in the work environment, reducing stress and enhancing productivity and focus. 

Growing plants in the office creates a sense of community and collaboration among colleagues who participate in plant care, learn cultivation techniques, and enjoy the psychological benefits of connecting with nature. 

CultEvo enhances the work environment, promote a healthy lifestyle, improve air quality, and foster a sense of community among employees. It is an innovative choice that combines sustainability, well-being, and engagement within the office.

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Combining Italian design, a vast catalog of plant species, and all the sustainability benefits that vertical farming provides makes CultEvo the clear choice for on-site food production. Cultivating herbs, vegetables, and fruits directly in the restaurant ensures the freshest and highest quality ingredients for explosively flavorful dishes with Michelin-star quality.

The presence of CultEvo within the restaurant becomes a triumph of innovation, attracting a clientele conscious of ingredient sourcing and eager to experience a unique culinary journey. 

Among the most significant benefits, hydroponic cultivation requires less space compared to traditional agriculture, maximizing the available space inside the restaurant. This compact solution can be easily integrated into the workspace, allowing chefs to have total control over the plant growth process, from sowing to harvesting.

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CultEvo represents the ideal learning tool for schools and provides students with the opportunity to directly experience the plant cultivation process in a controlled and safe environment.

Classroom hydroponic cultivation enables students to develop a hands-on understanding of scientific concepts, such as the importance of water, nutrients, and light for plant growth. Through this engaging and stimulating experience, students can explore principles of biology, chemistry, and sustainability. 

Furthermore, integrating CultEvo in schools promotes environmental awareness and sustainability education. Students learn how to reduce the environmental impact of traditional agriculture by using less water and space, and they grasp the significance of producing local and fresh foods for a healthy and sustainable diet